1st Training Session

So today was my first training session and all went well.

I did a 40 minute session. 20 minutes on the bike followed by a 20 minute run.

I didn’t go balls out but I met the targets that I had set before I started.

I wanted to cycle at 30 KPH on the bike for the full 20 minutes and I achieved that quite easily. 34.84 KPH = 21.6 MPH

On the strength of that it would take me about 1.10 to do the cycle section (40 km) of an Olympic length triathlon

Onto the run. And time flew with this one (new tunes on my mp3 player always helps).

I just wanted to stretch out my legs and keep to 9 KPH for 20 minutes.

I did the first 10 minutes at 9.7 KPH with no gradient setting, and then the second 9 minutes at 9 KPH with a 2.5 degree incline. The last minute I ran at 10 KPH with a 3.5 degree incline.

On the strength of that it would take me about 1.05 to do the run section (10km) of an Olympic length triathlon.

I feel that I had an OK session. I could definitely have gone for at least a full hour but I didn’t want to do to much over the first few days, and then get ill as my body reacts to the strain of going from couch potato to active again.

I’m swimming tomorrow and am looking forward to it.

I think I’ll just swim 500 meters as a starting point and then have a go at some front crawl (which no doubt will see me veering off course madly and causing a hazard to all the other swimmers)

Early night for me tonight, I think I’ll cuddle up with a copy of Triathlon Plus……


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