My partner in crime.

Big Phill Gill

Coming along on this adventure is my good friend Phill.
He’s 26. 6 foot 5 and likes all sorts of outdoor pursuits and flying.
He’s a quite an unassuming lad but when he’s driven to do something he does it.
He likes surfing, and mountain biking, running and all kinds of other exciting stuff that doesn’t really appeal to the couch potato in me.

Oh I’d love to have these active hobbies, mainly just to say I do them. But it’s all a bit to much effort isn’t it!

Isn’t it?

So one drunken night, sat in the pub with Phil and Dan, I start bemoaning how fat and lazy I’ve become and start to talk about how I’m going to get fit again when I start riding the new bike I am going to get. Phil says he’ll come along, and even Dan says he’ll come out on rides with us.
Well, talk goes from cycling to running, and how it is the best activity for weight loss and, when I say I get bored of just running, talk turns to triathlons.

Uh-oh…….I’m walking into a trap.

So the drink keeps flowing and the talk of the triathlon gets more and more interesting.
3 disciplines. A swim, followed by a cycle followed by a run.
It sounds challenging. The Brownlee brothers had recently just both medalled at the Olympics in London and what an inspiration they were.
Talk of real men swimming in icy lakes, and cycling mountainous routes and then running vast distances goes around the table when I suddenly suggest that we do one.


What did I just say?

Come on Phil, say no, say we haven’t got time as we’re bringing our ship out of refit (Phill’s Navy too) and you’re far to busy as you’re setting up your new house and that you’ve never really fancied doing a triathlon and, and …………….He says Yes.

Damn !

He agrees to be my training partner, and he agrees to do a triathlon with me, and that is where it all begins…..

To be fair, I can think of no one I would rather do this with.
Phil is determined without being pushy. He’ll expect me to train without making it feel like I’m being bullied. And well, he’s practically family (he’s godfather to my son) so it’ll be easier for everyone to hear the news of my inevitable death from hypothermia coming from him.

I’ll let him tell you more about himself here:


My name is Phillip Gill, I’m 26 and 6ft 5.
My current physical activity week to week includes: Cycling at the weekend when I have time, running when I feel like it, Badminton.
My main hobby week to week at the moment is : Training as a private pilot.
Hobbies I wish I had more time for include: Snowboarding, Windsurfing, Beach kiting, Sports parachuting.
Physical sports I have taken part in and would like to do again include : kayaking, sailing, skiing, ski touring and mountaineering, off track mountain biking,  hiking and map to ground navigation,  Arctic survival and navigation, abseiling, climbing, military triathlon, royal marines battle circuits and Jujutsu to name a few lol.
About two years ago I was the fittest I have ever been in my life.  My daily routine would usually consist of 8 to 10 mile run in the morning, gym for an hour at lunch and a swim after work resting at the weekend.  Working with the marines at the time I was a very fit lad and could challenge the fittest lad they had when out running.  Both my distance and sprinting speed where up to a high level.  Being the happiest I have ever been physically and mentally,  I made the decision to return to sea for promotional reasons and that was the worst decision I think I have ever made in my life.
After returning to my home port focus went into work and my fitness levels went down.  I got lazy and lost it all over a period of a year, so stupid.  So when my mate who like myself had become utterly depressed about how our drive, focus and complete lack of physical discipline and levels of fitness had gone down the pan, it was time for change.
So one drunken night he suggested our focus be to complete a full competition triathlon by next year whilst using local triathlons in the meantime to judge our fitness.  I was more than up for this as I used to live for this stuff, however I have never taken part in a competition in my life.  I’m actually really excited at the fact and this has given me the drive to get up off my arse and challenge myself again.  Having a partner in crime also helps so Rob my friend, lets get it done!

One comment on “My partner in crime.

  1. lastofmany says:

    real men, icy water etc. enjoy chaps ;0)

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