A pint of truth…..

So today was a day of traveling and not much else.

It was good to be back home.

The first thing I did was fire up my Nespresso machine for an espresso and then make myself a pint of Berocca.

I normally take a Berocca or some other effervescent vitamin drink every morning without fail but I forgot to pack them when I went away this weekend.

I like to have one every morning because it settles my stomach before I start the day.

Why do I need to settle my stomach every morning?

Well, that’s something I’ve had to take an honest look at and ask myself recently.

And the truth is, I need to settle my stomach because my diet is poor and I drink far to much.

And that has to change. Not only because I want to do triathlon, but also because the long term health implications if I don’t, are becoming more and more apparent.

From being very active and a hardy sort in my youth, with the constitution of an ox, I have become a super lazy layabout, and these days I frequently get man-flu, colds, headaches, Ebola, random aches and pains etc

Someone commented recently that I’m always getting ill and I replied that ” rubbish, I’ve just been run down of late”

Well, I had been run down, but that was mainly down to drinking to much, eating shite and not having a correct sleep pattern.

I was in a viscous circle of being bored because I wasn’t doing anything active or stimulating. So I’d drink because of this boredom, which would lead to me stuffing my face the next day in a bid to rid myself of a hangover. This eating would leave me feeling too lethargic to do anything, so I’d get bored………..and end up drinking.

Something had to change.

I’m not even a week in and already I am feeling the benefits of living better.

Some exercise and a balanced diet has already seen a change in me.

Nothing major. I just wake up feeling a little better, I feel a little more lively and for the last 2 mornings I have woken up and not needed to settle my stomach !

If I keep this up I may not even need any extra vitamins to balance me out.

Saying that, I do still like my morning routine of vitamins, followed by coffee, followed by breakfast.

I adhere to it religiously.

Now if I can just maintain such a disciplined routine for the rest of my day hopefully I will see some real long term  benefits…….


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