Outdoor swimming locations.

With the wetsuit ordered and on it’s way that leaves me with something of a quandary.

Where to test it out. And where should I go for my first outdoor swim

I definitely don’t want to try it at an indoor swimming pool, or any swimming pool for that matter.

I can just imagine the scene.

“Mummy, what’s that fat man doing dressed like that?”

“Come away dear, don’t look at him”

So that leaves me with trying to find somewhere to swim.

I asked around, and in the Devon area a few recommendations kept coming up.

Bovisand is a beach where I have taken the kids in the past. And although it’s a recommended swimming spot I don’t really want to try out my wetsuit in front of a crowd.

The same can be said for another oft mentioned swimming spot in Wembury.

So I had to look for somewhere a little quieter, where only my own children could laugh and point at me ridiculously thrashing around in the water.

I decided to search the web and came across a few sites for outdoor swimmers.

The best of the sites I found was http://wildswim.com

It uses Google maps and markers and covers the the entire globe, but mainly focuses on the UK.

You can find spots by type of activity they are good for: Dip, Swim, Journey/crossing, Distance/Endurance, Jumping, Exploring, Skinny Dipping, family friendly.

It was using this site that I have found a reservoir up on Dartmoor.

Apparently it  has lovely clear waters.

I’m not sure if that’s a bonus or not. Do I really want to see all the sharks and murderous jelly fish that will inevitably be drawn to wherever I am swimming when they sense an easy meal.

The swim itself is 400m there and back and to say I can’t wait to try it out is an understatement.

And well, if I don’t get on with the wetsuit, wildswim.com says the reservoir is suitable for skinny dipping…………


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