A busy few weeks

So my last few weeks have been extremely busy, and usually that’d be enough of an excuse to sack off the training and revert to my old ways.

Fortunately I haven’t done that. Since my last post I have cracked running 10 miles (Although my daily run is 5), I’ve had my first sea swim and tested my new wetsuit, and I have also tested out my cycling kit by having a few rides out in preparation for my bike finally arriving from Ribble.

The highlight of these past few weeks has to be my first sea swim.

I took the kids down to Bovisand and went out for my swim in the bay. No sooner was I in the water, my two eldest were in there with me. No wetsuits to keep them warm, just youthful exuberance. And the water was COLD !

It was great fun splashing around and brilliant to see the kids so happy to be in the water as well.

It really shows that enthusiasm and a sense of excitement can make even the hardest task fun, and that is something I want to carry through to the rest of this adventure.


I have to say how impressed I am with the wetsuit as well. It makes you so buoyant and swimming in it was a dream. I can’t wait to get a few more swims under my belt.


Something that has changed this month has been my own attitude towards………myself.

I was lucky that my birthday coincided with my new hobby, meaning I could basically buy all the equipment I needed right from the outset.

That said, initially I still did all my training  in my old sports kit and barely wore any of my new stuff.

I think it’s because at first I felt like a fraud. I had “all the gear but no idea” as the saying goes, and I genuinely felt embarrassed to be running in compression clothing, or riding wearing a cycling specific getup.

I guess I was kind of worried that people would see this fat, unfit oaf struggling to do whatever activity I was doing at the time and laugh at the level of kit I was sporting.

Well, I’m still a fat knacker but my view of myself has shifted subtly.

I’m now happy to don whatever attire is best suited to my training.

This last 3 weeks I’ve been wearing tights whilst running.

I know that’s a horrific mental image, and a few people who might be reading may be thinking “Well, it’s not the first time he’s worn tights” but these are compression tights.

And now I don’t care what anyone thinks (or is it what I thought of myself?)

I’m no Mo Farah, but now I can now run 10 miles and I’m training every day, I’m finally starting to feel like I can take myself seriously.

And that’s a nice place to be.


The final part of this puzzle that I really need to sort is my diet, but now I’ve taken control of the rest of my life I feel like that shouldn’t be to such a challenge.

Time to sacrifice the Ginsters


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