Finding the time

So work is back in full effect and training time has been reduced due to working late everyday and the winter drawing in.

Running has become infrequent again and I’ve not swam in ages due to the pool opening times on base clashing with what time I have available.

The only positive is that the bike has become my constant companion.

If it wasn’t for riding everyday (even if only for half hour here and there on bad days), then I think I’d be a little down heartened at my lack of exercise.


So, what have I been up to of late.

Well, I’ve learned to change tyres, set up gears and breaks and generally how to look after and maintain my bike.

The saddle is now my friend, My posterior has gotten used to riding and I am now comfortable with the more aggressive frame.

I’m tired now so I’ll sign off.

I’ve got plenty to write about and hope to find time this weekend.



One comment on “Finding the time

  1. Hi there,
    Now is going to be a hard time for you with all the temptations of the festive period upon us but don’t undo all the hard work you have been doing and don’t look for excuses in your daily routine; “stay focused”, and if struggling, well! think up some good New Years Resolutions AND stick to them!
    Hopefully knowing we’re all behind you will help to keep your motivation levels up.
    Love and seasons greetings to you,
    Mama. xx

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