Mid January.
How the hell is it mid January?
Where`d my training regime go.
Where did my new found work ethic disappear to?

Well, in truth it hasn’t gone anywhere.
I’ve joined a new ship and I haven`t had a minute to myself.
I’ve been running hot and all my efforts have been divided between getting to grips with a new job on a new ship with tons of new responsibilities, and finding enough time to see my son and be a good Dad.

So, what have I managed. Well, the bike has become a workhorse these past few weeks. I’m racking up the miles but not in the way I`d like.
Hopefully that`’ll change once my oppo Phil has a bike of his own to come out on.
Running has become lots of walking, and swimming. SWIMMING.
I need to start swimming.

Still, I’m writing on here again because I’m in a position to get training after my hiatus. I finally feel I have a grasp on my job. My life has a routine again and, I have missed my training.

Not only because of the pleasure training gives me these days. But also because I’ve missed having part of the day that belongs to me.
And, I’ve missed my music. I’ve missed having my headphones in, shutting out the world and running to my own personal soundtrack.

Well, I’m back now.
Time to get it done.


One comment on “WHEREABOUTS………

  1. Well done for getting back on track, I know you’ll be forging ahead now. looking forward to more of your blogs.

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