Training aids.

Short of hiring a big man with a stick to motivate me to get out and train, there are two apps I have been using to help keep me focused and working to a plan.

The first of these is MyNetDiary.

The app basically records all the exercise you’ve done, everything  you’ve eaten, and helps you make a plan for weight loss using your targets. You can also record vitamins and supplements taken, water consumption, body measurements etc.

I like that at the end of the day I can see wether I need to go for an extra run to hit my target daily calorie loss, or wether I can have just one more spoon of peanut butter (my new vice) as a reward for putting in the effort that day.

The best part of the app for me is that it gives me an analysis of what I’ve eaten and breaks down the amount of saturated fats, sodium, cholesterol and fiber etc.  Add to that the vast food data you have access to (for example when eating Tesco’s own Greek style yoghurt it actually has the data specific for Tesco’s own yoghurt.) and what you get is a complete little app.

I’d recommend it for anyone trying to lose weight, or for anyone who wants to keep a comprehensive record of their training.

I’d even recommend it for people who are just curious as to how their diet stacks up against the recognized ideal.


The second app I have been finding a great help is MapMyRun.

Now, I used to hate running outdoors, and although this app isn’t solely responsible for my new attitude to outdoor running, it has certainly helped. I initially just used the web based version on my laptop, which let’s you plan out runs in advance and that’s great. I really like to know how far I’m going to run and how long it should take me.

Then I downloaded the GPS enabled app for my phone and that’s when it became fun.

I can just run, with no map, and get feedback on my speed, distance traveled and all other manner of good stuff.

I like to make it a challenge that I do every kilometer a little faster than the last.

Add to that one more important fact, and it has become a very worthwhile app for me.

That important fact is, the GPS map. No more getting lost for me.

And that is a good thing.

I went out for a little jog the other day and got so lost I was looking for moss on trees to try to find which way was north, I even tried to navigate by the sun, but this being the tail end of British summer, the sun was nowhere to be seen behind the thick cover of grey storm clouds…

The app links seamlessly with the web based version so your profiles match up, and it has Facebook integration so you can let everyone know you’ve done some exercise, and returned safely!


So these two apps are my new training buddies. No need for men with big sticks here…..





A pint of truth…..

So today was a day of traveling and not much else.

It was good to be back home.

The first thing I did was fire up my Nespresso machine for an espresso and then make myself a pint of Berocca.

I normally take a Berocca or some other effervescent vitamin drink every morning without fail but I forgot to pack them when I went away this weekend.

I like to have one every morning because it settles my stomach before I start the day.

Why do I need to settle my stomach every morning?

Well, that’s something I’ve had to take an honest look at and ask myself recently.

And the truth is, I need to settle my stomach because my diet is poor and I drink far to much.

And that has to change. Not only because I want to do triathlon, but also because the long term health implications if I don’t, are becoming more and more apparent.

From being very active and a hardy sort in my youth, with the constitution of an ox, I have become a super lazy layabout, and these days I frequently get man-flu, colds, headaches, Ebola, random aches and pains etc

Someone commented recently that I’m always getting ill and I replied that ” rubbish, I’ve just been run down of late”

Well, I had been run down, but that was mainly down to drinking to much, eating shite and not having a correct sleep pattern.

I was in a viscous circle of being bored because I wasn’t doing anything active or stimulating. So I’d drink because of this boredom, which would lead to me stuffing my face the next day in a bid to rid myself of a hangover. This eating would leave me feeling too lethargic to do anything, so I’d get bored………..and end up drinking.

Something had to change.

I’m not even a week in and already I am feeling the benefits of living better.

Some exercise and a balanced diet has already seen a change in me.

Nothing major. I just wake up feeling a little better, I feel a little more lively and for the last 2 mornings I have woken up and not needed to settle my stomach !

If I keep this up I may not even need any extra vitamins to balance me out.

Saying that, I do still like my morning routine of vitamins, followed by coffee, followed by breakfast.

I adhere to it religiously.

Now if I can just maintain such a disciplined routine for the rest of my day hopefully I will see some real long term  benefits…….