7 Week Training Camp…..

Well okay.

I’m not at a training camp as such.

What beginner triathlete goes to a training camp ?

I am though, away from home for 7 weeks on a couple of training courses.

And what with being in the Navy I have my pick of gyms, pools and activities I can do to continue to up my fitness and stamina.

Add to that the fact that my shiny new bike should be arriving sometime mid month, and I have my pick of training available.

So even though I am here to learn about the 30mm DS30M Mark 2 Automated Small Calibre GunĀ  (the mighty Bushmaster II) and the 4.5 inch Mark 8 Naval gun , it is the training time that this affords me that I am looking forward to the most.

So where am I now.

I’m 84.4kg. Which is a drop 0f around 3.5 kg.

I can happily run for 45 minutes covering about 8km

I can happily do 20 min bike, straight into 30 minutes of running and I can manage 30 minutes breaststroke in the pool without to much drama.

Where do I want to be in 7 weeks

I am quite fearful of doing any real high intensity running as my shins splints play up the harder I run.

So, with that in mind I am going to increase distance rather than speed.

By the end of the 7 weeks I want to be running 12 km in around 1 hour 10 minutes.

I want to have my brick sessions (bike followed by run) up to 40 minutes cycle and 40 minutes run.

And as for time in the pool, I’d really like it if I didn’t drown. At all.

In all seriousness though, I want to be swimming full hour sessions and have a target of 14 consecutive lengths front crawl in the 33 meter pool. That’s 462 meters and although it is less than a third of what I need, I feel it is a realistic goal.
I have also been subtly altering my diet as well, and now the excesses of my birthday are over (takeaway, cake and wine) I’m feeling good again about being on the straight and narrow.

I’m having porridge for my breakfast, a carb packed lunch and a full meal in the evenings,minus the desert.

And although I’m never really feeling full to bursting as I used to after almost every meal, I have to say, I’m not feeling hungry at any point either.

Now I just have to incorporate some core exercises into my boot camp routine, and maybe I can deflate this spare tire around my waist a little……..