Mid January.
How the hell is it mid January?
Where`d my training regime go.
Where did my new found work ethic disappear to?

Well, in truth it hasn’t gone anywhere.
I’ve joined a new ship and I haven`t had a minute to myself.
I’ve been running hot and all my efforts have been divided between getting to grips with a new job on a new ship with tons of new responsibilities, and finding enough time to see my son and be a good Dad.

So, what have I managed. Well, the bike has become a workhorse these past few weeks. I’m racking up the miles but not in the way I`d like.
Hopefully that`’ll change once my oppo Phil has a bike of his own to come out on.
Running has become lots of walking, and swimming. SWIMMING.
I need to start swimming.

Still, I’m writing on here again because I’m in a position to get training after my hiatus. I finally feel I have a grasp on my job. My life has a routine again and, I have missed my training.

Not only because of the pleasure training gives me these days. But also because I’ve missed having part of the day that belongs to me.
And, I’ve missed my music. I’ve missed having my headphones in, shutting out the world and running to my own personal soundtrack.

Well, I’m back now.
Time to get it done.


Finding the time

So work is back in full effect and training time has been reduced due to working late everyday and the winter drawing in.

Running has become infrequent again and I’ve not swam in ages due to the pool opening times on base clashing with what time I have available.

The only positive is that the bike has become my constant companion.

If it wasn’t for riding everyday (even if only for half hour here and there on bad days), then I think I’d be a little down heartened at my lack of exercise.


So, what have I been up to of late.

Well, I’ve learned to change tyres, set up gears and breaks and generally how to look after and maintain my bike.

The saddle is now my friend, My posterior has gotten used to riding and I am now comfortable with the more aggressive frame.

I’m tired now so I’ll sign off.

I’ve got plenty to write about and hope to find time this weekend.


The power of blog.

This morning was a Sunday in every way.

I had a lovely lie in, and had nothing planned other than a session at the gym that I’d definitely be ready for by 10 am

Well, 10 am came and went, and so did my motivation.

I felt sleepy, unmotivated, and if anything, the extra time in bed had made me feel lethargic. Not energized as I  thought it would.

So I made my excuses to myself.

I had done an 8km run at 10 o clock the night before, and maybe that had left me too tired this morning.

And well, it is Sunday after all.

And maybe my body is just better suited to working out at night.

That must be it.

So I sat down to write a blog entry and promised myself that I’d work out tonight.

I had a quick read of some of my last entries, and felt………………stupid.

The whole point of this “training for a triathlon” is so I can get away from my lazy attitude.

And here I was sacking it off just because I didn’t quite feel like it.

Well, 10 minutes later I was in my sports rig and out that door and off to the gym.

The blog had served it’s purpose and helped to motivate me, and that’s the whole point of writing this I guess.

It gives me nowhere to hide from myself.

So off to the gym I go.

I was intending to do another 8km run and see if I could beat my time from yesterday but I ended up walking past the squash courts on the way to fill my water bottle up at the fountain.

Now, I’ve played squash in the past and so I walked past the courts, staring in at the players with some interest.

Until I came to the last court, which was filled with bikes. Spinning bikes. And 5 Lycra clad ladies.

Well, desperate not to look like I was checking out said women, I looked up  a little too quickly and caught the eye of one of the ladies.

She smiled at me in a friendly manner (Oh God, she must think I was perving!) and very sweetly said

“Hi, would you like to join us”

I was about to make my excuses and get the hell out of dodge when another Lycra clad lady of advancing years came up behind me and said “Yeah go on, get in there” as she ushered me in.


Oh well, how hard can it be I thought, the woman who had arrived after me must have been at least 55 and possibly older.

I’ll be alright………….

5 minutes later and I was blowing out of my hoop. I was drenched from head to foot and looked like I’d sprung a leak.

I looked around and everyone else looked as fresh as they had when they arrived.

And then the evil instructor made us turn the resistance up.

Wow, This is a lot harder than it looks.

I kept checking that the women either side of me were putting full turns on their dials to increase resistance in line with the lady instructing, and to my dismay they were.

My pride wouldn’t let me do any less than they were doing so I matched them for the full half hour.

It was by far the best workout I have had so far, and at times I felt like my lungs would explode.

At the end of the session they all leapt off their bikes, toweled them down, said their goodbyes and off they went.

I stayed a few minutes longer as I had to, you know, sort my headphones out and collect my jumper and I.D from the other side of the squash court where I’d left them

And in no way to catch my breath and wait for my legs to stop wobbling………….

Those women were fit, and although we all looked knackered come the end of the ride I’m sure I looked the worst by far.

Still, onwards and upwards. Perhaps I’ll do spinning again, it can only help.